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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results PDF Print E-mail
Written by JB   
Wednesday, 21 August 2013

At G1, we love to participate in just about every fantasy sport you can imagine. For the last several years, I've been writing a fantasy column on this site for college fantasy football. In lieu of that column this year, I am running an 8-team SEC-only league at CBS. We all hated to pay CBS for the privilege of using their shitty fantasy product, but literally no one else let us use the players names and configure the league in this way.

Default CBS rules are 14-man rosters, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, DST. I kept those, but I set a roster limit of 2 QB and 2 DST. This is because with 8 teams and only 14 'real' SEC teams, I didn't want the 5 man bench being used too much to horde these two scarce positions. In particular during challenging bye week scenarios (unlike the NFL, college teams have two byes and they take place from week 1 to through the fantasy playoffs!)

Anyway, we did an untimed draft that began about Aug 1 and ran through about Aug 20. It was sort of timed, as I tried to set the time limit to 24 hours, but CBS' shitty fantasy product struck again and the time limit was 38 hours. A few picks were, unbelievably, autopicked.

Here are the picks:

Round 1    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew Manziel, Johnny QB TXAM
2 James Yeldon, T.J. RB BAMA
3 Jesse Gurley, Todd RB UGA
4 Chris Murray, Aaron QB UGA
5 Alex Cooper, Amari WR BAMA
6 Ryan Mason, Tre RB AUBURN
7 Jeremy Evans, Mike WR TXAM
8 Jamie Perkins, LaDarius RB MISSST


Round 2    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Driskel, Jeff QB FLA
2 Jeremy Wallace, Bo QB MISS
3 Ryan Matthews, Jordan WR VANDY
4 Alex Johnson, Malcolm TE MISSST
5 Chris Jones, Matt RB FLA
6 Jesse Alabama DST
7 James Moncrief, Donte WR MISS
8 Andrew Green-Beckham, Dorial WR MIZZOU


Round 3    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew South Carolina DST
2 James Williams, Jonathan RB ARK
3 Jesse McCarron, AJ QB BAMA
4 Chris Josey, Henry RB MIZZOU
5 Alex Mettenberger, Zach QB LSU
6 Ryan Bennett, Michael WR UGA
7 Jeremy Blue, Alfred RB LSU
8 Jamie Beckham, Odell WR LSU
Round 4    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Mitchell, Malcolm WR UGA
2 Jeremy Anderson, Rory TE SC
3 Ryan Florida DST
4 Alex Tate, Wesley RB VANDY
5 Chris Boyd, Chris WR VANDY
6 Jesse Landry, Jarvis WR LSU
7 James Ellington, Bruce WR SC
8 Andrew Drake, Kenyan RB BAMA
Round 5    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew Uzomah, C.J. TE AUBURN
2 James Franklin, James QB MIZZOU
3 Jesse Malena, Ben RB TXAM
4 Chris Scott, Jeff RB MISS
5 Alex Neal, Rajion RB TENN
6 Ryan Marshall, Keith RB UGA
7 Jeremy Griffin, Nick RB MISSST
8 Jamie Sanders, Raymond RB UK
Round 6    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Davis, Mike RB SC
2 Jeremy Lucas, Marcus WR MIZZOU
3 Ryan Hilliard, Kenny RB LSU
4 Alex Byrd, Damiere WR SC
5 Chris Robinson, Demarco WR UK
6 Jesse Debose, Andre WR FLA
7 James Williams, Trey RB TXAM
8 Andrew* Fowler, Jalston RB BAMA
Round 7    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew* Hocker, Zach K ARK
2 James Lynch, Arthur TE UGA
3 Jesse Burton, Trey RB FLA
4 Chris Smith, Maxwell QB UK
5 Alex Baggett, Andrew K MIZZOU
6 Ryan Russell, Tyler QB MISSST
7 Jeremy Morrow, Joe WR MISSST
8 Jamie Norwood, Kevin WR BAMA
Round 8    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Shaw, Connor QB SC
2 Jeremy Brown, Mack RB FLA
3 Ryan Frazier, Kiehl QB AUBURN
4 Alex Pittman, Latroy WR FLA
5 Chris Bray, Quan WR AUBURN
6 Jesse Rome, Jay TE UGA
7 James Carta-Samuels, Austyn QB VANDY
8 Andrew Lewis, Jameon WR MISSST
Round 9    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew Conley, Chris WR UGA
2 James Hill, Jeremy RB LSU
3 Jesse Reed, Trovon WR AUBURN
4 Chris LSU DST
5 Alex Missouri DST
6 Ryan Dunbar, Quinton WR FLA
7 Jeremy Murphy, Marcus RB MIZZOU
8 Jamie Vogler, Brian TE BAMA
Round 10    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Georgia DST
2 Jeremy Allen, Brandon QB ARK
3 Ryan Kimbrow, Brian RB VANDY
4 Alex Worley, Justin QB TENN
5 Chris Howard, O.J. TE BAMA
6 Jesse Logan, Ja-Mes WR MISS
7 James Washington, L'Damian WR MIZZOU
8 Andrew Thompson, Dylan QB SC
Round 11    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew Wilds, Brandon RB SC
2 James Kennedy, Malcome WR TXAM
3 Jesse Parkey, Cody K AUBURN
4 Chris Johnson, Robert WR MISSST
5 Alex Collins, Daryl WR UK
6 Ryan Burton, Clay TE FLA
7 Jeremy Heard, Carlton WR SC
8 Jamie Roland, Shaq WR SC
Round 12    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie Williams, Brandon RB TXAM
2 Jeremy Mississippi DST
3 Ryan Artis-Payne, Cameron RB AUBURN
4 Alex Lassing, Fitz RB VANDY
5 Chris Lane, Marlin RB TENN
6 Jesse Herndon, Javontee WR ARK
7 James Robinson, Demarcus WR FLA
8 Andrew Bell, Kenny WR BAMA
Round 13    
Pick Team Player
1 Andrew Wooten, Rantavious WR UGA
2 James Vanderbilt DST
3 Jesse Wallace, Jonathan QB AUBURN
4 Chris Sanders, Vince WR MISS
5 Alex Waters, Eric TE MIZZOU
6 Ryan North, MarQuez WR TENN
7 Jeremy Bell, Devon K MISSST
8 Jamie* Spear, Carey K VANDY
Round 14    
Pick Team Player
1 Jamie* Wilson, Demetrius WR ARK
2 Jeremy Holmes, Sabian WR TXAM
3 Ryan Bertolet, Taylor K TXAM
4 Alex* Egan, Brian K MISSST
5 Chris Morgan, Marshall K UGA
6 Jesse George, Jonathan RB UK
7 James Ard, Landon K SC
8 Andrew Sutherland, Ty RB SC
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 October 2013 )
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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Nov 11 2013 19:13:53
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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Nov 12 2013 22:32:33
updated across the<a href=""> crtnuoy</a> and to meet some awesome new friends. I got a good laugh from reading my first post and seeing that my first two commenters were Kristine (who guest posted last week) and Katie from
2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Nov 16 2013 02:14:59
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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Nov 18 2013 02:12:15
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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Dec 19 2013 01:58:01
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2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Jan 19 2014 21:02:49
2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Jan 22 2014 04:53:37
2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Jan 30 2014 23:10:12
2013 SEC Fantasy Football Draft Results
Mar 26 2014 01:45:47
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