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Written by Brian Lewis   
Sunday, 17 November 2013

The streak of unluckiness continues as more injuries plague Gators football this season. The Gators were lead by freshmen coming into the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Third string freshman QB Skyler Mornhinweg had his first start due to Tyler Murphy's shoulder injury, accompanied by freshman Kelvin Taylor at tailback. 

Still, the Gators came out strong. Kelvin Taylor scored two TDs in the first half, both long runs from outside the 20 yard line. Florida went into the half leading USC 14-6. The Cocks had a strong second half and went up by five. Florida drove past midfield and was in position to score for the win when South Carolina cornerback Jimmy Legree picked off Mornhinweg's pass. The game ended 14-19 South Carolina. The Gators added one more to their worst losing streak, probably ever, with 5 straight SEC losses. Including the loss to Miami, this puts the Gators win-loss record at 4-6.

Hopefully the Gators will be able to pull out a win against the powerhouse Georgia Southern next weekend to break the streak. And of course, now that the Gators are having a terrible season, it's our turn to to have an upset win in the FSU game, which would have serious impact on FSU's shot at the national title and Jameis Winston's Heisman chances.
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Gators Continue Impressive Losing Streak
Nov 19 2013 10:41:37
Gators Continue Impressive Losing Streak
Nov 21 2013 01:26:02
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