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Dadchelor Weekend: The Baby Pong Tournament PDF Print E-mail
Written by JB   
Thursday, 13 June 2013

As part of our Dadchelor Weekend, we are competing in an epic Manathlon. I'm detailing events one-by-one, in the interest of helping to create more Manathlons throughout the year.

Every Manathlon likely involves some form of beer pong. Given that ours coincides with a Dadchelor weekend, it is only fitting to give it a twist: baby pong! Instead of ping pong balls, use little baby cake decorations.

Because we have eight competitors, the best way to sort this out is with a single-elimination tournament (with consolation). We think it's in the spirit of the event to seed the Dadchelors so that a potential Dadchelor-off takes place as late into the tournament as possible.

As we have five differently-shaped (and weighted) babies to choose from, we suggest randomly choosing the two for each event. In the interest of time, a simple six-cup pyramid with one re-rack should work best. Each player shoots twice, making both is a make-it-take-it situation. Making both in one cup is up to you and your friends, but in my opinion the automatic victory should only be in play if you're allowed to move the first cup out of the way. These things are heavy, so hopefully you have gentlemanly players that will not try to just bowl over the cups, instead.

Simple brackets are easy to google, here is one that fits exactly what we need: link.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 October 2013 )
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Baby Pong Tournament
Feb 11 2014 08:23:41
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Baby Pong Tournament
Apr 10 2014 07:08:26
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