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Dadchelor Weekend: The Eating Contest PDF Print E-mail
Written by JB   
Wednesday, 12 June 2013

As part of our Dadchelor Weekend, I have been breaking down the events of our Manathlon one by one. The next one up is the eating contest. What good Manathlon would not have an eating contest?

Our chosen food for this contest: saltines. This is because I did it once at a Gator baseball game, during their eating contest, and I knew hilarity would ensue. Also, it's cheap and pretty easy to judge. Each contestant gets one unopened column of saltines (boxes typically come with 4 individually wrapped columns). Each contestant is also allowed one unopened Natural Light but no other liquid. Everyone eats simultaneously for two minutes. At the end of two minutes, it's pretty easy to count leftover crackers (if any) and determine the order. If there are close calls, contestants not involved can judge how to add up any broken crackers and determine the order. For any contestants finishing all of the crackers, the final standing is determined by order of finish (first one done takes first, etc.)

However, next time we may need a sponsor to get Chick-Fil-A nugget trays involved. Or at least see how many Sonny's chickens we can take down all-you-can-eat style.

Finally, it is recommended that this be the first event of a manathlon, as heavy drinking during other events may cause this one to not go as well, and/or as cleanly as it could if it were the first event.  Plus, having the regret of all the calories you immediately consumed is sure to throw off your game during later events.  All reasons why we decided to use Saltines this time.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 October 2013 )
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Eating Contest
Nov 11 2013 11:54:21
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Eating Contest
Nov 12 2013 18:17:08
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Eating Contest
Nov 14 2013 05:46:30
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Eating Contest
Jan 08 2014 09:01:28

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