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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest PDF Print E-mail
Written by JB   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013

 I am detailing the Manathlon events which we will compete in during our Dadchelor Weekend.  First up is the Farting Contest, as it took place over the entire weekend.

The farting contest format drew inspiration from this link, which is further proof that if you google anything looking for ideas (in this case, 'farting contest'), you will find something awesome.

When a contestant has an entry prepared, it must be declared to the other contestants for it to count.  Everyone else scores the entry on a variety of factors on a scale of 1-10.  As this event goes on continuously during the weekend, at least five contestants must be awake (and present) for it to count.  Declaring an entry, but not following with a fart within a reasonable time frame is punished on a three-strikes policy, with eliminated players automatically coming in last.  Sharting is grounds for disqualification, however, no one is too excited to try to call anyone on it.

Scorecard categories:

Volume, Duration, Scent, Humor/Artistry

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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Nov 12 2013 01:57:03
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Nov 12 2013 23:19:59
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Nov 14 2013 10:38:40
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Jan 01 2014 17:31:45
Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Mar 08 2014 05:28:22
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Mar 08 2014 05:29:03
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
Mar 25 2014 09:15:54
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Dadchelor Weekend: The Farting Contest
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