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Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament PDF Print E-mail
Written by JB   
Saturday, 15 June 2013

As part of our Dadchelor Weekend, we are participating in a Manathlon: a skills competition to find out who among us is most manly (and most fit to be a Dad, maybe?).  Anyway, the next event up is the poker tournament.

 We decided on no-limit Texas Hold'Em because, well, we went to college when the World Series of Poker was really becoming a popular TV event.  The important thing here is to agree on raising blinds on a schedule before any cards are dealt.  We also recommend making it for money, because, well, poker.

As it takes an undetermined amount of time, this is the last event of the second day.  In this way, it is also meaningful if someone goes all-in when their standing in the competition is on the line (with only the farting contest remaining to make up ground).

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Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament
Nov 12 2013 15:32:08
Thanks for the update on Dustin. Your coemtnms about him always reminded me of my son bright and well behaved, but never applied himself. The teachers didn't care he wasn't bothering anyone, as he sat there daydreaming. I'm still waiting for him to wake up and realize he has to apply himself. He's 19 and working for awhile till he decides what to do.My Matt also had long hair, in his eyes all the time. I thought he was developing a twitch, but it was just him flicking the hair out of his eyes!We never bothered him about his hair. You're only young once, and who knows, in 20 years he might be bald! One day, shortly after he graduated, he came home with it cut short and it's been short ever since.He's a good worker at his job (works with seniors, and they love him), he's polite and good humoured, and not into drugs or drinking to excess so we're happy. His dad took a couple years after high school to settle down in a career path, so we expect he will too.
Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament
Nov 14 2013 15:51:35
Dear Brye,I couldn't be hepaipr today I checked my Google Reader and found 3 new posts from you! The socks are coming out beautifully, and the gator quilt looks great loved the idea of quilting the logos on the back!I really miss listening to your podcast, and I've been listening them all over and over for a while now! lol I'm sure you'll find time for it, too, soon enough!Let's see if I can inspire myself to follow your lead and update my own blog, too!I always wonder what's Morgan up to these days? geaarvzirry [link=]mivmunmgr[/link]
Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament
Jan 09 2014 07:34:48
Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament
Jan 27 2014 02:55:25
Dadchelor Weekend: The Poker Tournament
Apr 10 2014 06:28:26
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